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4 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repair

In St George, Utah we rely on our air conditioners not only for cool relief, but also for our health. When the average temperature in June, July, and August is around 100 degrees it is essential to have a working air conditioner to avoid heat stroke and other health risks.

Because air conditioner repair is in such high demand throughout the hottest months it is best to catch any signs of a faulty hvac system before your air conditioner completely fails and the schedules of technicians are full.

We’ve highlighted 4 signs that your air conditioner may need repair.

1. Warm Air is Blowing Instead of Cool
If warm air is coming out of your vents check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly. Check to see if the thermostat is set to “cool” instead of “heat”. Also verify that the temperature is set at a comfortable temperature cooler than the outside air. If the air blowing from the vents continues to remain warm, then your A/C needs repair.

2. Air is Not Blowing Out of the Vents
Air not blowing from the vents can occur if there’s a problem with your HVAC system blower, or it could be an electrical issue. A lack of air can also be because of an obstruction. There are many reasons why air may not blow out of the vents, but an air conditioner technician would need to inspect it to locate the exact problem.

3. Leaks or Excess Moisture
If you see moisture around your air conditioning unit or notice liquid dripping from it, you should have a technician inspect it. One of the more serious leaks that can occur is from the chemical refrigerant which is what makes the air cool. This chemical is toxic and dangerous to your family and pets.

4. Strange Smells
The air coming from your vents should be clean and not have any strange odors. If you notice any strange smells from the vents like burning wires or something musty there could be a problem with your vents or the electrical wiring. A visit from a Black Diamond Expert HVAC technician would be advisable to identify any problem that may be happening with your air conditioning system.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Technician in St George, Utah and Surrounding Areas
If you notice any of these problems or want to schedule your yearly ac tune-up as recommended by manufacturers give your local St. George air comfort technicians at Black Diamond Heating and Air a call.

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marika watters
15:52 18 Feb 20
Luckily only a simple problem with my furnace but these guys were amazing. Very nice, professional and knowledgeable. Got my heat working again in no time. Thanks again.read more
16:51 10 Feb 20
Very impressed with Parker when he stopped by to provide an estimate for a whole house humidifier. He knows his stuff. Unfortunately the existing utilities in our house makes the installation too difficult. Hope to have them replace an AC unit in another property we own.read more
17:51 10 Jan 20
Fast, reliable & affordable!Parker was on the job within the day to replace my furnace. Everything was explained. I dealt directly with Parker the installer. No middleman any questions I had were answered by Parker. What a great company to work with. This how a business should operate.read more
sheburm .
20:06 04 Nov 19
Excellent experience working with Parker to replace our entire A/C unit. Parker knows what he is doing. Black Diamond easy to schedule appt., flexible hours, great communication. I needed a high quality, middle-of-the-budget-line unit and that is what I got. I'm very happy with Black Diamond Heating and Air Conditioning!read more
Erika Stephenson
22:05 07 Sep 19
We woke up at 3 am to water dripping through our ceiling. Black diamond was at our home that afternoon to diagnose the problem with our AC. Within 2 days it was fixed. Our repair man was super friendly and got the job done quick. Hopefully we don't have any issues again, but if we do, we will for sure use black diamond again!read more
Jim Roberts
23:16 28 Jul 19
Fantastic response on a very hot weekend in St George to fix my air conditioning. Thank you to Parker at Black Diamondread more
gabbie floro
19:40 07 Jun 19
Chris pedraza sr and his team were amazing they answered all of my questions and did an excellent job.read more
Peggy Rudd
02:23 10 May 19
Parker was so kind and helpful! He explained everything so well! Would highly recommend Parker and Black Diamond to everyone!read more
Jason Ryser
18:51 09 May 19
Was staying at my uncles second home in St George, and the AC quit working. I needed the ac repaired asap, so I called Black Diamond Heating and Air. They came out within a couple hours, and had me operational within 4 hours. Cant say enough about their fast and professional service. Very impressed.read more
Barbara Bigelow
03:54 27 Mar 19
The service was excellent! They were on time, very professional, and answered all my questions. I will definitely use them again!read more
Patricia Yanzon
11:39 21 Mar 19
Excellent customer service,very professional and they did an amazing job . My house is too old I have to do a liner in my sewer line . They matched competitors prices and they’ve done the job in 2 days in and out no headaches and no excuses. I’m really happy. Thank youread more
Barbara Marshall
19:51 18 Mar 19
Had a very good experience with Black Diamond. Needed a new HVAC system. They were polite and on time. They were done within the timeframe they had given me. The unit is working well. Thank you Black Diamond.read more
Ashley Wiggins
22:29 04 Mar 19
What an awesome company! Lance came in and did a tune up on our heating and air system. He found a small issue with our contactor, showed me a photo of what he had found, explained why it was a concern, wrote up a quote and even offered to clean up the small amount of dust that'd fallen from the attic. He was professional without being pushy. I'd highly recommend them!read more
Rocky Martinez
18:45 28 Feb 19
Amazing service! Black Diamond Experts sent Lance to clean our furnace. He did a thorough job, didn’t rush, walked us through each step, and gave us a wealth of knowledge for maintaining our furnace. The price was reasonable and he had parts to replace a few things on our current unit already with him. He was not pushy and tried to offer us the most economical options. He was so polite and wasn’t there to make a sale but rather to help us out. Thanks Black Diamond Experts!read more
Ann Nafus
01:33 28 Feb 19
Black diamond came out and was amazing. My furnace quit on me. The technician came out the same day and got me up and running. I am so grateful for them. The price was reasonable too.read more
Tatiana Wood
20:11 25 Feb 19
Lance with Black Diamond was amazing. Came when they said he would and helped get my furnace working again. He also showed me some additional things that will help keep my heating costs down. Thanks Black Diamond!!read more
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