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Gas Fireplace Maintenance and Repair

Call on Black Diamond Heating and Air’s HVAC technicians for your gas fireplace repair and maintenance in St George, Utah and surrounding areas. We provide reliable service that you can trust.

Gas fireplaces have many benefits. They add comfort, warmth and aesthetic charm to your home. Gas fireplaces are more efficient than traditional wood burning fireplaces and they produce more heat, burn cleaner, and generally operate at a lower cost.

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One reason people prefer gas fireplaces as apposed to a wood burning fireplace is because they do not require as much upkeep and maintenance. Our customers really enjoy the quick warmth they feel without having to worry about the upkeep a wood fireplace requires. But just as with a furnace or air conditioner, or even your car, routine maintenance by a qualified HVAC techncian is essential to ensuring your gas fireplace is operating safely and as well as it can. A neglected gas fireplace is more likely to fail when you need it most.  

Peggy Rudd
02:23 10 May 19
Parker was so kind and helpful! He explained everything so well! Would highly recommend Parker and Black Diamond to everyone!read more
Jason Ryser
18:51 09 May 19
Was staying at my uncles second home in St George, and the AC quit working. I needed the ac repaired asap, so I called Black Diamond Heating and Air. They came out within a couple hours, and had me operational within 4 hours. Cant say enough about their fast and professional service. Very more
Barbara Bigelow
03:54 27 Mar 19
The service was excellent! They were on time, very professional, and answered all my questions. I will definitely use them again!read more
Patricia Yanzon
11:39 21 Mar 19
Excellent customer service,very professional and they did an amazing job . My house is too old I have to do a liner in my sewer line . They matched competitors prices and they’ve done the job in 2 days in and out no headaches and no excuses. I’m really happy. Thank youread more
Barbara Marshall
19:51 18 Mar 19
Had a very good experience with Black Diamond. Needed a new HVAC system. They were polite and on time. They were done within the timeframe they had given me. The unit is working well. Thank you Black more
Ashley Wiggins
22:29 04 Mar 19
What an awesome company! Lance came in and did a tune up on our heating and air system. He found a small issue with our contactor, showed me a photo of what he had found, explained why it was a concern, wrote up a quote and even offered to clean up the small amount of dust that'd fallen from the attic. He was professional without being pushy. I'd highly recommend them!read more
Rocky Martinez
18:45 28 Feb 19
Amazing service! Black Diamond Experts sent Lance to clean our furnace. He did a thorough job, didn’t rush, walked us through each step, and gave us a wealth of knowledge for maintaining our furnace. The price was reasonable and he had parts to replace a few things on our current unit already with him. He was not pushy and tried to offer us the most economical options. He was so polite and wasn’t there to make a sale but rather to help us out. Thanks Black Diamond Experts!read more
Ann Nafus
01:33 28 Feb 19
Black diamond came out and was amazing. My furnace quit on me. The technician came out the same day and got me up and running. I am so grateful for them. The price was reasonable more
Tatiana Wood
20:11 25 Feb 19
Lance with Black Diamond was amazing. Came when they said he would and helped get my furnace working again. He also showed me some additional things that will help keep my heating costs down. Thanks Black Diamond!!read more
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Award Winning Service

How often should you have your gas fireplace maintained?

Gas fire place maintenance is recommended to be done with each heating season, or more specifically once a year. If your gas fireplace is your only source of heat, or your main source of heat, an annual tune-up is highly recommended. 

What can you expect from a gas fireplace tune-up?

We verify that your gas fire place is safe and that all components are functioning properly. If any problems are found we offer solutions. We also tidy and clean the fireplace by vacuuming debris and cleaning the glass. 

We provide a very thorough gas fireplace tune-up including the following:

  • Pilot – Check and clean
  • ​Safeties – Check condition
  • Blower Wheel – Check and clean (if necessary & accessible)
  • Burners – Vacuum and Clean; replace ember material as needed
  • Carbon Monoxide – We’ll check for unsafe CO levels
  • ​Clean the combustion chamber, as necessary
  • ​Gas log(s): We’ll check the condition of the gas logs and vacuum them. If they are broken we’ll suggest replacement. 
  • Gas Valve: Test for proper operation
  • Clean the glass door
  • Ignition – Check and adjust for best performance 
  • Main Burner Combustion – Check to assure operating safety
  • System Wiring – Check for deterioration
  • Thermocouple/Powerpile – Check for proper operation
  • Thermostat/Remote – Check for proper operation
  • Venting – Check for integrity and proper draft​

Gas Fireplace Repairs

You can count on the gas fireplace technicians at Black Diamond Heating and Air to get your gas fireplace back to doing its job of keeping you warm. Our experts can service all brands of gas fireplaces. They are very familiar with the inside workings of these systems and will be able to diagnose the source of the problem. We provide you with up-front pricing before perform the repair so that they’ll be no surprises.

One of the most common problems encountered is with the pilot light not staying lit. There are many reasons why this can happen, but a common cause is air in the gas line. This can often be remedied by releasing the air from the pilot tubing. Pushing the pilot button for about 60 seconds can often purge the air in the tubing. We highly advise you to call an expert if you are not familiar with the workings of your gas fireplace as gas can be dangerous and explosive when mishandled. Some common problems that we have encountered include loose connections, defective valves, dirty thermo-couple, and bad modules in electric ignition units.

We strive to be the best in the business by providing excellent service at a fair and competitive price. If your gas fireplace is in need of repair or routine maintenance, call the gas fireplace technicians at Black Diamond Heating and Air today.

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